Sunnen SV-10 is the Superior Cylinder Hone

Sunnen's SV-10 is the top cylinder hone on the market.
Here are the facts:

  • The all electric controls on the SV-10 are operated via a conveniently located user-friendly touch screen Siemens control until which allows the operator to safely and easily see and operate the controls. There is no need to reach across the machine for adjustments.
  • The SV-10 provides an easy-to-read real-time image of the cross section of the bore during honing (allowing the operator to easily see tight spots in the bore) rather than a distracting series of red flashing lights.
  • The SV-10 has a diameter range of .75 in to 8 in (19 mm - 203 mm) compared to other machines with limited ranges of 2.25 in to 6.82 in (57 mm - 173 mm).
  • Sunnen was the first to introduce a fully automated diamond cylinder hone, the highly successful CK-21, in 1996. This expertise has been engineered into the SV-10 and DH Diamond Hone Head.
  • The SV-10 is versatile and the easy-to-adjust cradle fixture accommodates most diesel applications. On other systems, the rollover fixture has to be removed for many diesel blocks.
  • The SV-10 incorporates a powerful 3 HP spindle motor (90 - 350 rpm) with electronic braking and Siemens touchscreen control. Other systems are underpowered with only a 2 Hp motor (75 - 205 rpm).
  • Get consistent crosshatch angles with the SV-10's electronic PLC controled spindle and stroker.
Why wait. The competetively-priced Sunnen SV-10 Cylinder Hone is the logical choice. Click here to find you local Sunnen representative for more information.

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