Get precise bore geometry and advanced surface finishes for smoother running gears.


Sunnen is the technological leader for the high precision honing of all types of gears, including helical, pinion, worm, spline, sprocket, and spur gears. With your Sunnen solution, you can generate gear tooth profiles from a more accurate bore, resulting in smoother, quieter running gears that can transfer more power.

Our advanced, precision bore machining technology:

  • Delivers improved bore geometry in the gear blank, resulting in a higher quality finished gear
  • Provides improved process control and greater accuracy, resulting in gear drives that run smoother, quieter, and more efficiently
  • Results in fewer burrs in bores and keyways, providing more accurate location on hobbing arbors
  • Creates a crosshatch surface finish that permits better oil retention in rotating gears for longer life

We can provide a system for virtually any gear honing application, including:

  • Gears of all types, including helical, pinion, worm, spline, sprocket, and spur
  • Virtually any material from powdered metal to hardened steel
  • Gears with keyways and cross holes
  • A wide range of bore diameters, lengths, and surface finishes

Only Sunnen offers all three types of honing technologies – conventional, single-pass or KROSSGRINDING®. We also offer the industry’s largest choice of machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi-spindle, automated or manual, standard or customized. No matter what you require, we have a Sunnen solution for you. 

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