ML-5000 Offers Speed and Precision
Sunnen Products Company's new fully-loaded ML-5000 is built for speed and precision and is the most advanced horizontal power stroked honing machine on the market. It is the ideal choice for high production, long-running applications.

With unique standard features such as Programmable Stroke Control and Cycle Time Control, the ML-5000 produces the highest quality, consistent results while optimizing production time.

The Programmable Stroke Control virtually eliminates taper by allowing the honing tool to dwell or short stroke at either end of the bore. This feature assures optimum geometry even when finishing difficult parts such as those with blind holes.

The Cycle Time Control assures increased productivity and consistency by automatically adjusting feed pressure to optimize abrasive performance. It is similar to "cruise control", except for on a honing machine. It saves time and money and is a huge advantage in keeping production rates on target.

With the optional Automatic Size Control, the ML-5000 offers even better control of bore size, finish and geometry. With this feature, as soon as the bore is to size, the honing cycle automatically stops.

The ML-5000 is one of the most durable machines in the industry with a rigid machine base constructed of reinforced structural steel and cast iron. Moving components are isolated from the base to eliminate vibration problems.

Multistone mandrel tools (TurboHone® series) can be operated in the ML-5000 machine. These tools offer the advantage of multiple stones without guide shoes for maximum cutting rates and short cycle times. TurboHone® tooling is most advantageous for medium to high production applications.

The ML-5000 is a cost-efficient alternative to I.D. Grinding and other finishing processes. With fast stock removal rates, preliminary reaming, boring or grinding can be eliminated on many operations.

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