Manufacturers of Small Engines Benefit From Advances in Honing Technology
New honing technology from Sunnen Products Company can help small engine manufacturers meet or exceed today's strict emissions standards.

The new technology can be found in a number of Sunnen honing machines including the new SV-1000 vertical honing system. The SV-1000 incorporates a Windows® based CNC operating system to ensure the most precise bore geometry possible ... and tighter bore tolerances will reduce emissions on small engine applications such as lawn mowers, chain saws, weed trimmers and leaf blowers.

The SV-1000 is capable of holding bore tolerances to within five microns with virtually any desired surface finish. The machine incorporates a stroking system that produces a true vertical stroke and can dwell in any part of the hole, end-to-end, selectively removing stock for the straightest, roundest bore possible. Plus, the innovative system delivers extreme control and a consistent crosshatch pattern throughout the entire length of the hole.

The SV-1000 Series is ideal for honing bores 3 to 65 mm (.120 to 2.56 in.). With its 5.5 kW (7.5 Hp) spindle motor and servo tool recriprocation system, the SV-1000 is an ideal choice for medium-to-high production honing in small engine applications. The SV-1000 can also be automated for even greater productivity and reduction of labor costs.

Tooling choices for the SV-1000 include diamond or CBN multi-stone tools, plated diamond KROSSGRINDING® tools and vitrified abrasive tools.

In addition to the SV-1000 vertical honing system, Sunnen offers a wide variety of single- or multi-spindle honing machines in either vertical or horizontal configurations to fit virtually any small engine bore sizing and finishing requirements.

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