New honing system for hydraulic actuators and flow-meter tubes

    The new HTA Series actuator hone introduces the first all-electric, lean design, engineered specifically for production of gas-meter tubes and for hydraulic service facilities doing resurfacing and repair of actuators where light-duty metal removal is needed. The machine is available for 2 m (6') and 4 m (12') part lengths, with bore ID of 63.5 to 533 mm (2.5 to 21") and maximum part OD of 610 mm (24"), and part weights to 1818 kg (4000 lb). It includes high-end features, such as Siemens drives and PLC-control with touch-screen HMI for setting all machine parameters, including stroke reversal point, spindle/stroking speeds, and crosshatch angle calculation. The control features a load meter to determine areas of bore tightness, with capability for dwelling the tool in multiple areas to correct part geometry. Other advanced capabilities include automatic tool tensioning, set through the PLC.

            The HTA actuator hone is ideal for resurfacing and repair work where light-duty stock removal up to 0.76 mm (0.030") is needed to oversize deeply scratched actuator bores. It is designed for optimum performance with Sunnen ANR275 tooling and abrasives, sold with matching coolants and gauging as part of the machine package. An electronically controlled, 2.24 kW (3-hp), AC gear motor powers the spindle at 0-300 rpm, while the servo-driven stroking system has a speed range of 27.4 m/min (0-90 ft/min). The all-electric machine eliminates the noise, leaks, valve adjustments and performance variability inherent to hydraulic systems.

            Also suitable for reconditioning of die casting shot tubes, plastics extruder barrels and flow-tube weld cleanup, the HTA hone is ergonomically designed with a moveable operator station and a modular work holding system for rapid setups. It includes a 182 L (48 gal) coolant reservoir and paper-media coolant filtration unit. Set on casters for easy maintenance, the coolant tank tucks under the machine frame to conserve floor space.

            Sunnen is the world leader in the development of tube honing systems, with more than seven different model sizes in production, ranging up to a maximum 7.62 m (25') in stroke length and 30 kW (40 hp) spindle power.

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