New quick-change honing tool brings low-cost precision and fast setup to mid-volume production runs

    Sunnen's new KRQ honing tool marries the precision performance of expensive custom tools with the low cost and quick-change flexibility needed for mid-volume production runs. Using a standard collet connection, the KRQ tool requires no indicating for parallel or conical runout, speeding setup and job changeover. Its low cost and fast setup capability enable shops to inventory a wide range of tool sizes for efficient processing of short production runs, while its ability to work with Sunnen's new controlled-force honing technology enables shops to obtain the ultra-precise bore-size control typically requiring custom tools. The KRQ tool is designed for optimum performance with Sunnen's SV-1000 Series vertical honing systems, but it can also be used with ML Series horizontal machines for dramatic reductions in setup time. It is available in diameters of 5.0 to 19 mm, in size increments of 0.10 mm.

            The KRQ mandrel works with diamond and CBN superabrasives, and utilizes long lived carbide shoes. When used with the controlled-force feature of Sunnen’s multi-feed honing technology, it enables shops to cut cycle times by as much as 50 percent – while lengthening abrasive life – and obtain finer control of surface finish parameters than ever before possible. Controlled-force honing maintains a steady, free-cutting, self-dressing condition for maximum metal removal in the shortest possible cycle time.

            For longer bores, the BLRQ tool offers the same advantages.

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