Gear Honing Systems Benefit from Advances in Sunnen Technology
Thanks to recent advances in honing technology, Sunnen Products Company can help gear manufacturers achieve greater precision and increase productivity 60 percent or more over previous honing machines or I.D. grinding.

The advanced technology is incorporated into a new line of honing machines, including Sunnen's ML-5000 automatic honing system. The computer controlled ML-5000 can hold bore size tolerances to within 5 microns, with virtually any surface finish desired, to meet stringent gear specifications.

The ML-5000 is ideal for precision medium-to-high production of gears with bores from 1.5-101.6 mm (.060 ? 4.00 inches). A new cycle time control feature automatically controls the feed pressure to optimize abrasive performance, assuring increased productivity and consistency.

Greater honing speed, consistency and precision all add up to cost savings that can mean payback in just months. The ML-5000 can be automated for even greater productivity and reduction of labor costs.

The improvements in honing machines have been accompanied by new technology in honing tools. Sunnen's TurboHone® (MMT)tools typically cut twice as fast as standard honing tools, while providing the bore size and finish required by today's gear manufacturers. Costs can be reduced as much as 50 percent in many applications when TurboHone MMT tools are used.

In addition to the ML-5000 honing system, Sunnen offers a wide variety of single or multi-spindle honing machines in either vertical or horizontal configurations to fit virtually any gear bore sizing and finishing application.

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