Sunnen now supplies plated diamond single pass honing tools and sleeves designed for your specific high production application. Backed by more than 25 years of single pass honing technology, Single Stroke Honing® Tools incorporate an expandable, superabrasive sleeve mounted on a tapered mandrel for precision bore sizing and finishing - and designed to be versatile enough to use with almost any finishing equipment.

Sunnen's plated diamond tooling is the secret to the speed, accuracy and extra long tool life of the Sunnen Single Stroke Honing® System. Diamond abrasives allow for consistency of size, surface finish and bore geometry with no variation from piece to piece. And with a Sunnen plated diamond High-Production Helix Single Stroke Honing® Tool, you can size thousands of bores with the same tool. Your cost per bore is minimized while you achieve greater accuracy and increased production.

Sunnen has the complete resources and capabilities to significantly improve your single pass honing performance and efficiency. Our Technical Services Department has the latest in sophisticated bore geometry analyzing and surface finish measuring equipment - unmatched by any of our competitors. We'll make a thorough engineering analysis of your application and provide you with a long lasting, quality enhancing, and very profitable solution to your bore sizing and finishing process.


  • Only Sunnen offers both steel and cast-iron plated diamond tools to meet the exact requirements of your bore sizing and finishing applications
  • Improved design for greater fluid delivery and efficient chip removal
  • Capable of adapting to other makes and models of honing machines
  • Superior plating process ensures longer tool life - lowers your cost per bore while you achieve greater accuracy and increased production efficiencies
  • Sunnen will custom design to meet your exact specifications
  • You have immediate access to Sunnen's in-house technical support team and Sales and Application Engineer support staff

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