Sunnen's new SV-10 Automatic Cylinder Hone combines the latest technology with the consistency and dependability of the legendary CV-616.

With two motors, one for the spindle and one for the stroker, the SV-10 has the capability to run standard Sunnen tools as well as Sunnen's new DH-series diamond hone head. Sunnen's expertise, with multiple-diamond honing on the top-of-the-line CK-21, is now available on the competitively-priced SV-10. The DH-series diamond hone, with 16 points of cutting action, is the choice for truly round cylinder bores. The mechanical stroke guarantees precision surface finish with consistent crosshatch angle in each cylinder no matter what tool is used.


  • Patented full bore profile display projects a real-time display allowing you to dwell in the exact position where bore is visually smaller ... no one else has it.
  • Touch Screen Control - easily adjusts speed from the multi-language control panel ... no more belts and pulleys to adjust or buttons to push.
  • Tooling options include the new DH-Series diamond honing tool or existing CK/CV tooling.
  • Variable independent spindle and stroke drives with crosshatch angle calculator allows virtually any crosshatch angle to be obtained.
  • Priced to match the industry standard CV-616.
  • Lifetime application service with every machine purchase.

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