The ML-2000 is a value-priced power stroked honing machine. It features much of the new technology in bore sizing and finishing in an easy-to-use, basic package. With twice the power and more speed than older Sunnen MBC-style honing machines, the ML-2000 is an affordable choice for job shop and mid-volume production applications.

With a computer control, the ML-2000 is easy to set up and run, even by inexperienced operators. There is no need to change belts or pulleys as set-up is accomplished from the front of the machine. And with a simplified coolant system, the ML-2000 is easy to maintain.

The ML-2000 is a cost-efficient alternative to I.D. Grinding and other finishing processes. It is up to six times faster than I.D. Grinding and can be set up in half the time for greatly increased production efficiencies.

For engine building applications, the ML-2000 can be fixtured to hone connecting rods and assures you of short cycle time and high accuracy.


  • Twice the power and more speed than older Sunnen MBC-style honing machines.
  • Fast, easy setup. Complete setup is handled from the front of the machine without raising a cover.
  • Simplified Standard Universal Honing Fixture handles most applications.
  • Unique roll-out coolant cart for easy maintenance and coolant changeover.
  • Can be used with Sunnen's TurboHone® multi-stone mandrels for fast stock removal.
  • Built to be durable with a rigid machine base constructed of reinforced structural steel and cast iron.
  • Lifetime application service with every machine purchase.

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