Improve roundness, surface finish and size control on connecting rods of all sizes from chainsaws to heavy-duty construction equipment with Sunnen honing machines.

Connecting Rods
Sunnen provides innovative and productive connecting rod honing solutions for small connecting rods used in chainsaws and motorcycles up to large connecting rods used in heavy duty diesel engines for construction equipment and stationary generators. Honing benefits includes precision bore size and surface finish, allowing for a precision fit with the crankshaft and piston pin bearings. Aside from the obvious size control advantages of honing over boring or reaming, honing also provides a non-directional surface texture which improves bearing life. Honing can also be used to maintain and improve squareness and center-to-center distance. Sunnen machines also have automatic size control for automated operation with imtoproved productivity.

A Sunnen honing machine with special fixtures is capable of maintaining or improving center-to-center and bend-and-twist specifications. Abrasives can be tailor made to satisfy the most demanding requirements of size, surface finish, and abrasive life. Fixtures are designed for quick load-unload cycles to improve throughput for either manual or robotic loading.

Sunnen produces the industry’s largest selection of honing machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi spindle, automated or manual, standard or customized – and our systems are designed with a focus on reliability, flexibility, and ease of use.

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