Get precise bore geometry and consistent crosshatch for lower emissions, better fuel economy, and reduced oil consumption.

Cylinder Liners

Sunnen is the technological leader for the high precision honing of all types of cylinder liner applications. Your Sunnen solution will help you build more efficient, cleaner and longer running engines that comply with increasingly strict emissions standards.

Our advanced, precision bore machining technology:

  • Reduces the clearance between the liner and the piston, increasing engine horsepower and efficiency
  • Delivers improved bore accuracy that reduces oil consumption and helps engines meet strict emissions standards
  • Creates a true constant crosshatch pattern throughout the entire length of the bore for better oil retention and longer engine life

We can provide a system for virtually any cylinder liner application, including:

  • A wide range of materials and designs
  • Any desired surface finish with the ability to meet specific plateau and crosshatch parameters

Sunnen produces the industry’s largest selection of honing machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi-spindle, automated or manual, standard or customized – and our systems are designed with a focus on reliability, flexibility and ease of use. 

Learn About Our Cylinder Lining Honing Solutions

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