Gages for Valve Guides and Seats

Gages for Valve Guides and Seats
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  • Diameter Range: 1,37 – 13,60 mm (.054 - .535 in)
  • Reading indicator: ,002 mm
  • Quickly and accurately checks for all types of guides for size and roundness
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to operate
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P-310: The Sunnen P-310 assures clearance is correct. The gage checks all types of guides for size and roundness - and it is fast. For metric applications, the P-310M is available.

VS-1005: The Sunnen VS-1005 Rapid Valve Seat Checker quickly and accurately checks out roundness and runout on the critical intersection between topping and seat angles. Thousandth reading indicator stays right side up for easy reading as the gage checks the full 360 degrees.The VS-1015 is available for Harley Davidson heads.

SGM-5100: The Sunnen SGM-5100 Valve Stem Height Gage Set accurately measures valve stem install height. Features include

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