Create a smooth and consistent bore surface finish while greatly reducing labor costs with Sunnen's HTA series honing machines.

Gas Flow Meter Tubes
Sunnen has the solution for labor intensive finish operations on gas flow meter tube production. Honing gas flow meter tube bores in an automatic cycle saves the operator from time-consuming and physically-exhausting bore preparation. Welded flange joints can be honed in many cases without manual y pre-grinding the welds. The honing operation creates a smooth and consistent bore surface end-to-end. The visual appearance of the bore after honing is greatly improved over manual hand-grinding operations. Flow tube accuracy is also improved.

A Sunnen tube honing machine with portable tooling is capable of finishing the welds at the flanges using an automatic honing cycle. The operator is able to perform other tasks during the honing cycle. Abrasives are available to meet the requirements of size, surface finish, and abrasive life. Fixtures are designed for quick load-unload cycles to improve throughput. Multiple machines can be tended by one operator.

Sunnen produces the industry’s largest selection of honing machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi spindle, automated or manual, standard or customized – and our systems are designed with a focus on reliability, flexibility, and ease of use.

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