Engine Building Equipment

Sunnen Products Company of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. has been a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of engine building equipment since 1924.

One of the first Sunnen products was the manual cylinder hone which wEngine Building Equipmentas introduced in 1928 by Joseph Sunnen, founder of the company. This product was used first by garages to "touch-up" cylinders when they put in new rings. And where cylinders were resized by boring, the hand hone was used just as a finishing operation. An improved version of the original portable hone is still widely used for engine rebuilding and industrial applications. The design principles which made the first Sunnen hone so successful are still basic to the modern systems now manufactured by Sunnen.

Sunnen offers an extensive line of honing machines, tools, and accessories for the automotive engine rebuilding market. Our popular line includes SV-15 and
SV-30 Automatic honing machine
; LBB Manual Hone; CH-100 line honing machines; SH Series Honing Systems;  tooling, abrasives, lubricants, and gages.

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