Sunnen honing equipment provides the high precision necessary for maximum life and efficient operation in turbo chargers and components.

Turbo Chargers & Components
Sunnen supplies many solutions for turbochargers depending on the specifications required. Turbochargers operate at high speeds and temperatures to provide pressurized air to the combustion chamber in an engine. The bearings for the rotating components of the turbocharger require a precise bore sized in a honing process for maximum life and efficient operation. Honing is used on a variety of turbocharger components to provide the exact size, cylindricity, surface finish and surface texture needed in the application. A variety of materials can be honed in turbocharger applications.

A Sunnen honing machine with special fixtures is capable of achieving tight specifications. Abrasives can be tailor made to satisfy the most demanding requirements of size, surface finish, and abrasive life. Fixtures are designed for quick load-unload cycles to improve throughput for either manual or robotic loading.

Sunnen produces the industry’s largest selection of honing machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi spindle, automated or manual, standard or customized – and our systems are designed with a focus on reliability, flexibility, and ease of use.

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