Higher Performance for High-Flying Components

Sunnen’s high-precision honing and lapping systems meet even the most advanced aerospace component requirements. With nearly 100 years of experience setting the standard for reliability, Sunnen is an ideal partner for ultra-precise, machined parts in any aerospace operation.

Sunnen’s Honing and lapping solutions are unmatched.

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Power in Precision

Sunnen delivers complete solutions for the aerospace industry’s increasingly demanding performance requirements. Our bore sizing technologies are capable of delivering sub-micron roundness, straightness and size tolerances to a variety of components. Plus, our precision-graded abrasives create crosshatched ID surfaces that provide optimal performance in demanding conditions.

Our aerospace honing and lapping systems:

  • Produce surface finishes to exact specifications
  • Improve straightness, cylindricity and roundness
  • Increase production capacity
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy

Sunnen’s honing and lapping solutions are ideal for a variety of aerospace applications, including:

  • Hydraulic valves and blocks
  • Piston pumps
  • Fuse pins
  • Landing gears

End-to-End Solutions

Beyond the quality, power and precision of Sunnen machines, it’s our wide range of service, tools and accessories that makes the difference. When you invest in a Sunnen machine, you gain access to best-in-class bore sizing and finishing technology, plus an unparalleled level of support from the industry’s foremost experts on precision. Throughout the life of your machine, our team will work with you to develop comprehensive solutions for your manufacturing needs.