Accuracy Is the Ultimate Advantage

Sunnen’s legacy of quality and consistency has made us a trusted partner for firearm and defense manufacturers worldwide. Over a near-century of honing expertise, we’ve developed advanced solutions that produce more uniform and controlled bore geometry for a variety of firearms.

Power in Precision

Honing is a best-kept secret for many of the world’s leading firearm manufacturers. The process creates a more accurate, easier to clean barrel than those not honed. Sunnen’s honing machines and accessories set the industry standard for consistency and reliability while creating exceptional finished products.

Our firearm honing systems:

  • Improve straightness, cylindricity and roundness
  • Correct taper, bow, barrel shape and other geometric errors from previous machining operations such as gun drilling and reaming
  • Produce surface finishes to exact specifications
  • Eliminates the need for hand lapping in most custom barrel applications

Sunnen’s honing solutions are ideal for a variety of gun barrel applications, including:

  • Long rifle bores
  • Short pistol bores
  • Shotgun barrels
  • Paintball gun barrels

End-to-End Solutions

Although the production process for gun barrels has remained relatively unchanged for decades, breakthroughs in honing technology have led to drastic improvements in production cycle times, geometric bore quality and surface finish. Sunnen is proud to be a complete solution for this critical step in the process, offering the machines, tools and abrasives necessary to achieve impressive results.