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Honing a Life-Saver for Aerospace Component Maker

Sonic Industries, part of the Sargent Aerospace & Defense Company, uses Sunnen SV-1000 to achieve performance-critical ID tolerances and finishes on life-saving fuse pins, reducing cycle times by 75%

Fluid Power World: What's the Difference between Honing and Roller-Burnishing

Sunnen's Phil Hanna, product manager for machines/gages, was recently featured in Fluid Power World, discussing the difference between honing and roller-burnishing.

Make a COVID-19 face mask using a shop towel and office supplies!

Did you know you can make an inexpensive face mask to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 using just a paper shop towel and common office supplies?

Sunnen SHDD Series Deep Hole Drilling System

Sunnen has long been the global leader in bore sizing and finishing technology. Now, the company you’ve come to trust offers a cost-effective deep hole drilling system, the SHDD Series.

Single-Pass Honing is Single Solution for Cloyes

Single-pass honing is a single solution for accuracy, productivity and process capability in machining VTT Stator Bores. Process capability exceeds 1.67 Cpk with just once-a-week adjustment, while churning out 4000+ parts per day.