Improved Productivity for Short-Run Manufacturing

Sunnen is a trusted partner to job shops and contract machining facilities of all sizes. Today’s OEM customers demand better quality, lower lead times and smaller batch sizes from their suppliers. For job shops, processing small part lots in the most cost-effective manner is critical to meet these OEM requirements. For these customers, Sunnen offers flexible, easy-to- setup, cost-effective, high-precision honing systems that fit their budgets.

Honing can be an automatic process that delivers a controlled surface finish.

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Power in Precision

Honing is a time-honored process for delivering exceptional bore geometry and finish. Sunnen works with job shops around the world to implement best practices in the honing process from start to finish. Our honing machines set the industry standard for flexibility, versatility and performance, enabling shops to produce a variety parts faster and at lower cost.

Our honing systems:

  • Improve part quality
  • Reduce scrap
  • Improve operational efficiency

Sunnen’s honing solutions are ideal for a variety of job shop applications, including:

  • Gears
  • Bushings
  • Hydraulic components
  • Machine parts
  • Almost any short-run, quick-changeover bore sizing application

End-to-End Solutions

Job shops have relied on Sunnen’s honing expertise for generations. Our responsibility goes far beyond installing a machine. We constantly prove our value by helping customers overcome emerging challenges in their manufacturing operations, from reducing lead times to improving part consistency, all while lowering honing costs per part.