Advanced Technology for Life-Saving Equipment

Sunnen offers a leading line of honing equipment to accommodate the demanding needs of the medical industry. When lives are on the line, manufacturers trust that our honing equipment will provide the extreme levels of precision and reliability to make the difference.

Honing provides exceptional control and flexibility.

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Power in Precision

Sunnen’s honing equipment is frequently used in the manufacturing of medical devices and surgical tools. We offer a process that may be tightly controlled by skilled operators to generate the highest-possible tolerances. Sunnen’s cutting-edge honing equipment enables manufacturers to produce exceptionally high-quality parts at a rate that suits their production setups.

Our medical-grade honing systems:

  • Are flexible to a wide array of stainless steels and exotic alloys
  • May be customized to virtually any medical application
  • Improve the surface geometry and consistency of finished parts

Sunnen’s honing solutions are customizable for numerous medical applications, including:

  • Surgical tools
  • Gas flow metering valves
  • Precision tubing

End-to-End Solutions

We believe true precision goes well beyond a single machine, especially when working with such critical parts. That’s why Sunnen designs and manufactures a complete line of tooling, abrasives, fluids and accessories to keep every honing operation running at peak efficiency. Each machine is also backed by Sunnen’s unparalleled three-year warranty.