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Hands-On Training & Support

A honing, lapping or deep hole drilling machine is only as good as the team behind it. That’s why Sunnen provides on-site training for every customer. These sessions are tremendous opportunities for us to calibrate machines, train operators and drive new efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

Learn from the Best

Sunnen takes a comprehensive approach to training. We’re not satisfied with teaching you how to use a machine. We’d rather show you how the machine fits into your whole operation, and how it works in harmony with the tooling and coolant to provide the perfect finish. With each training session, we bring a lifetime of honing experience, a wealth of technical expertise and a commitment to higher performance.

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Here To Help—Whenever You Need It

Our commitment to training goes beyond installation. Whether you’ve just hired a new operator or are preparing for a new application, we’re always happy to come by and lend a hand. Our training programs are highly customized to your facility, your team and your needs. We have experts in installation, maintenance and application support ready to assist.