Custom Mandrels

Sunnen offers custom mandrels for almost every application including:

  • Diamond Plated Super Mandrels -- Designed to provide a long-wearing guide shoe to increase mandrel life in many honing applications. Another advantage of Super Mandrels is faster stock removal in difficult materials.
  • Extended Shank Mandrels -- Available for honing parts that are too long to be honed with a standard mandrel.
  • Tandem "In-Line" Mandrels -- Sunnen honing units can be used to size two or more "in-line" or tandem bores in perfect alignment.
  • Carbide Shoe Mandrels -- Two types are available for high-production applications -- in either Round Carbide Rod Inserted or Full Carbide Shoe Mandrels.
  • Full-Carbide Shoe Mandrels -- Recommend to be used for high-production situations in materials that are susceptible to galling such as 303 stainless steel.
  • Metal Bond Superabrasive Insert Mandrels -- For applications where a long lasting mandrel is needed and the material being honed reacts negatively with either a hardened or carbide shoe mandrel. Made from a bronze mandrel. Single or double insert mandrels are either Borazon/CBN or diamond.