Sunnen Skiving and Roller Burnishing

Skiving + Roller Burnishing

Skiving + Roller Burnishing Tools

Skiving & Roller Burnishing Tool

Sunnen offers the complete solution with machines, tooling, coolants, coolant systems, chip management and global service and support.

One direction Skiving & Roller Burnishing tool diameter range is between 38 mm and 254 mm (1.49" and 10").


Sunnen's Skiving & Roller Burnishing System Advantages 

  • Improved surface finish as fine as .10 to .15 microns (4 to 6 micro inch) (Ra) on average
  • Improved size control, achieving tolerances within .025 mm (.001 inch) on average and much finer for special applications
  • 5-10% increase in surface hardness
  • 300% or more improvement in fatigue life
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Elimination of tool marks and minor surface imperfections
  • Faster production of hydraulic cylinders at a lower cost compared to other ID finishing processes