The Finishing Touch for Small Engines

With nearly a century of technological leadership, Sunnen has the solution for the precision honing of small engines. No matter what the application–lawn mowers, chain saws, leaf blowers, ATV’s and everything in between—Sunnen has a honing machine and accessories to handle your needs.

Sunnen is a global name in small engine Honing

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Power in Precision

Sunnen’s advanced technology helps produce high quality engines that last longer and work harder. Our honing solutions also help small engine manufacturers stay in compliance with increasingly rigorous emissions standards.

Our small engine honing technology:

  • Delivers improved bore accuracy for reduced emissions, reduced blow-by, higher power and lower oil consumption
  • Creates surface finishes that provide better oil retention and piston ring sealing for longer engine life
  • Provides improved process control and greater accuracy

We can design a honing solution for virtually any small engine application, including:

  • A wide range of materials, surface coatings and surface finishes
  • Bore diameters from 1,5 mm – 165 mm (.118 inch – 6.5 inch)
  • Ported bores or simple bores
  • Open or blind bores

End-to-End Solutions

Sunnen is home to the industry’s largest selection of honing machines, tooling, abrasives, cutting fluids and bore gages. No matter what the small engine application, Sunnen will provide a durable and cost-effective solution.