Complete Solutions for Any Compressor

Sunnen sets the standard for honing one of the most important components in a refrigeration system: the compressor. From large to small, commercial to residential, Sunnen’s honing technologies give every compressor the exact finish needed to work harder and last longer.

Sunnen’s honing tools deliver incredible efficiency and precision.

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Precision Bores for Long Lasting Performance

Honing brings out the best in a compressor. A compressor requires precision bores for optimum piston travel and sealing, and honing ensures every bore is finished to the most exact specifications. When incorporated into the manufacturing process, honing improves the lifespan of the overall part and delivers smooth, quiet operation.

Our refrigeration honing systems:

  • Finish compressor bores to exact specifications
  • Satisfy the most demanding requirements for size, finish and tolerance
  • Improve part longevity and productivity

End-to-End Solutions

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Whatever your manufacturing challenges may be, we’re confident that our team of experts will find an efficient, cost-effective solution. We offer the industry’s largest selection of machines, tooling and abrasives, plus a global team of service and technical experts ready to go to work for you.