Superb Finishes For Longer Hydraulic Component Life

With nearly a century of technological leadership, Sunnen has the solution for the precision bore sizing and finishing of hydraulic components. No matter what the application—hydraulic valves, actuators, cylinders and more—Sunnen has a machine and accessories to handle your production requirements.

Power in Precision

Sunnen’s hydraulic bore sizing and finishing technologies are ideal for mid- to high-volume production. Featuring horizontal and vertical configurations, our machines deliver a consistent surface finish throughout the entire length of the bore. Many of our systems are modular and may be customized to your exact needs.

Our hydraulic bore sizing systems:

  • Reduce valve leakage by reducing the clearance between the bore and spool
  • Improve operational efficiencies through improved bore accuracy
  • Improve valve life by creating surface finishes that wear at slower rates
  • Reduce valve rejection rate through improved process control and greater accuracy

Sunnen’s solutions are available for a variety of hydraulic component applications, including:

  • Bore diameters from 1,5 mm – 165 mm (.118 inch – 6.5 inch)*
  • Multi-land bores or simple bores, with and without cross bores
  • Open or blind bores
  • A wide range of materials and surface finishes

End-to-End Solutions

Sunnen is home to the industry’s largest selection of bore sizing machines, tooling, abrasives, cutting fluids and bore gages. No matter what the hydraulic component application, Sunnen will provide a durable and cost-effective bore sizing solution. Our systems are in operation worldwide for components used in mining, aerospace, heavy-duty construction, farming, forestry and others.