honing process

Honing Process: The Efficient Solution for Bore Sizing and Finishing

Honing is the ultra-precise bore machining process trusted by job shops and manufacturers to create parts that perform at the highest levels of speed, reliability and efficiency. No boring or grinding process is capable of delivering such precise levels of roundness, straightness and surface geometry at a lower cost per part.

How Honing Works

The honing process uses a set of engineered abrasive stones arranged around a tool or mandrel. The tool spins as it is stroked in and out of the bore, while at the same time the abrasive stones are expanded against the wall of the bore. Together these rotational and reciprocal movements grind away at the interior surface of the bore to achieve precise bore geometry and surface finish.

Honing is commonly used for:

  • Stock removal
  • Tightening tolerances
  • Polishing bores
  • Finishing bores

Typical honing applications include:

  • Hydraulic cylinders, valves and other hydraulic components
  • Gun barrels
  • Engine cylinders, cylinder sleeves, pistons and connecting rods
  • Diesel fuel injector components
  • Small Engines
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We know there’s more to machining than the machine. Sunnen is proud to be a total solution provider of machinery, tools, abrasives and accessories that seamlessly work together. Our complete line of honing oils/coolants and custom-designed abrasives can also improve the operation of non-Sunnen honing systems, with a standard of quality worthy of the Sunnen name.

Beyond machinery, Sunnen provides:

  • Tooling
  • Abrasives
  • Oils & Coolants
  • Bore Gaging
  • Fixturing
  • Automated parts handling

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We stand by our work and support our customers. Sunnen is the only company in our industry to offer a standard three-year warranty on every machine we make. We also offer machine installation, service and preventative maintenance to keep your operations running smoothly and address any emerging manufacturing challenges.