deep hole drilling process

Higher Precision From the Start - The Deep Hole Drilling Process

Deep hole drilling is the process frequently used for initial hole generation in large-scale industrial parts. When combined with Sunnen’s industry-leading bore finishing operations, deep hole drilling delivers exemplary levels of precision and efficiency to a wide variety of manufacturing applications.

How Deep Hole Drilling Works

The deep hole drilling process was first developed in response to a growing demand for straight, accurate gun barrels. The process is now commonly used for machining any hole with a large diameter-to-depth ratio. Although many of the basic principles of drilling still apply, deep hole drilling employs various machine set-ups. The machines use ultra-high pressures to cut and remove chips evenly without damaging the workpiece.

The deep hole drilling processes are designed to:

  • Achieve tight diameter control and bore straightness
  • Allow easy setup and operation
  • Accept a wide variety of workpieces
  • Reduce changeover time and increase part production
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Everything You Need. When You Need it.

We know there’s more to machining than the machine. Sunnen is proud to be an end-to-end provider of machinery, tools and cutting inserts that seamlessly work together. Our complete line of deep hole drilling accessories is capable of supporting your operation with a standard of quality worthy of the Sunnen name.

Beyond machinery, Sunnen provides:

  • Tooling
  • Cutters
  • Oils & Coolants
  • Gaging
  • Fixturing

We’re On Your Team

We stand by our work and support our customers. Sunnen is the only company of our kind to offer a three-year warranty on every machine we make. We also invest time and resources to assist with machine installation and provide on-site support that addresses your emerging manufacturing challenges.