Sunnen’s Expectations of All Parties Involved in International Trade

To All Sunnen Supply Side Partners – 

In recent history, a substantial number of governments have been rapidly escalating trade regulations to protect their interests and improve human rights by limiting available financing and controlling the exchange of high-tech goods and weaponry.  Along with these new rules, governments have significantly increased both import and export oversight and imposed harsher penalties for violators.

Sunnen Products Company is committed to full compliance with these regulations from all its purchasing, manufacturing, sales and distribution locations throughout the supply chain, from raw material to end user.  We expect our supply side partners: Sunnen affiliates, distributors, agents, vendors, freight forwarders and banking partners to comply.  

Countries, companies, and individuals have developed sophisticated channels to circumvent sanctions.  It is all our responsibility to know who we are dealing with, where the products are coming from and going to, and how the items will be used.  We must ask the appropriate questions, ensure proper screening against restricted party lists, get authorization when doubtful, and document risk decisions.  Further, Sunnen expects commerce to be conducted in a fair manner.  Items must be accurately described and costed, all duties must be paid, and there can be no bribery of officials to secure business.  We expect an applicable level of transparency in these activities to protect us all.  

Let your local Sunnen business contact / leader know if you have any concerns about meeting these requirements or may need advice about a given transaction.

Thank you,

Sunnen Products Company