Higher Performance Starts Here

Over nearly a century, we’ve perfected the art of honing automotive engine parts. From engine blocks to connecting rods, we understand the impact of a single part on the performance and reliability of the engine. Our engine building products are built and refined by decades of experience driving precision to the automotive industry.

Sunnen is a global name in automotive engine Honing.

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Power in Precision

In 1928, founder Joe Sunnen introduced our manual cylinder hone to help garages touch up their cylinders for a more perfect finish. To this day, the design principles from that first product have guided the success of our complete line of modern honing machines, tools and abrasives.

Our engine building technology:

  • Produces an exceptionally round and straight bores
  • Meets or exceeds original factory accuracy for alignment, roundness and size
  • Corrects distortion caused by warpage, cap stretch and engine wear

Our solutions are designed for a variety of engine building applications, such as:

  • Connecting rod reconditioning
  • Cylinder reconditioning
  • Line honing of crankshaft and cam bores

End-to-End Solutions

Sunnen offers an extensive line of honing machines and accessories for the automotive engine building market. High-performance engine shops and production engine rebuilders around the world rely on our honing systems to refine their products to perfection.