Driving Performance Part By Part

For years, automotive manufacturers and component suppliers have trusted Sunnen to deliver complete honing solutions that generate higher performance and greater reliability to their most critical parts. Precision components, working in combination, make for safer, more reliable automobiles, and Sunnen is happy to do our part.

Sunnen’s honing systems are automated for speed and efficiency.

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Power in Precision

Honing provides the finishing touch for numerous components throughout the automobile. From engine blocks to pinion gears and brake drums, each honed part benefits from a tightly controlled finish and precise geometric tolerances.

Our automotive component honing systems:

  • Improve roundness and straightness
  • Satisfy even the most demanding requirements for size and surface finish
  • Deliver improved performance between mating parts
  • Provide consistent, repeatable and efficient production on the shop floor

Sunnen’s honing solutions are ideal for a variety of automotive applications, including:

  • Steering knuckles
  • Pinion Gears
  • Brake drums
  • Master and wheel cylinders
  • Valve Rocker Arms

End-to-End Solutions

Sunnen has a lifelong legacy in the automotive industry. We’ve grown from a supplier of stand-alone honing machines into a global manufacturer offering complete bore sizing solutions for high-production automotive component manufacturing. Sunnen is home to the industry’s largest selection of bore sizing machines, tools and accessories, plus a top-notch team of engineers solving the challenges unique to automotive manufacturing.