Celebrating a Century of Innovation


2024 marks a significant milestone for Sunnen — a century of innovation. Over the decades, Sunnen dedicated itself to precision, performance and partnership. Our commitment to these three tenets has allowed us to continually reach new heights in manufacturing. Before we turn our attention to the future, our team wants to reflect on how far our organization has come.

In 1924, Founder Joe Sunnen took his first product on the road. All he had was a renovated Hupmobile, one product and a dream of building products that make the world a better place. With time and hard work, he found success — and Sunnen hasn’t stopped growing ever since.

In the years since Joe Sunnen’s first journey, we have expanded our operations exponentially. New products hit the shelves, covering multiple areas of manufacturing such as honing, lapping, skiving / roller burnishing and deep-hole drilling. Manufacturers for countless applications, from aerospace manufacturing to medical devices, now trust us to deliver reliable precision solutions.

But we believe that the true legacy of Sunnen rests on the innovators. People who are problem-solvers by nature — bringing precision to each project and showcasing resilience in the face of every challenge.

We are forever grateful for the many faces that made us who we are today. As we celebrate a century of innovation, Sunnen will be recognizing the products, people, partners and milestones that pushed us toward this moment.

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