Sunnen Deep Hole Drilling - Double Tube Drilling

Sunnen’s FlexiDex line of Deep Hole Drilling Tools & Inserts

For over 95 years Sunnen has provided industry leading honing and lapping solutions for a wide range of industries from Aerospace to Oil & Gas. We have leveraged our expertise in precision bore sizing and finishing to expand into deep-hole drilling with our own line of deep hole drilling machinery as well as Sandvik-style tools, carbide inserts and accessories, including:

  • Single Tube System (BTA) and Double Tube Ejector System Drills, Inserts, and Consumable Spare Parts
  • Tools and Cutting Oils

Flexidex Solid Deep Hole Drilling Tool

Sunnen’s FlexiDex deep-hole drilling heads, inserts, cartridges, and pads are directly interchangeable with  Sandvik’s CoroDrill® 801 series of tools, covering the diameter range between 80.94mm (3.19”) to 170.10mm (6.70”) and 150x hole diameter. These tools are compatible with a Single Tube (BTA) or Double Tube Ejector  System using a Deep Hole Drilling machine and offer low cost per bore and consistent performance. There are a number of benefits you can expect with Sandvik-style tools by Sunnen:

  • High machine utilization
  • Ease of use and process security
  • Excellent surface finish & tight tolerances
  • Excellent flexibility with the larger radial adjustability
  • Three support pads provide improved performance and tool life
  • Enhanced chip evacuation
  • Complete line of drill tubes

FlexiDex tools are widely used in the oil and gas, aerospace and primary metals industries.

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