deep hole drilling machine

Single Tube/BTA Drilling

The single tube system STS or sometimes referred to as the “BTA” system of drilling, is the reverse of a gun drilling system. Unlike the gun drill, the STS or “BTA” drilling system assembly consists of a drill head that is attached to a ground cylindrical tube. This is by either an internal or external fast lead thread. The drill tube or boring bar is smaller in diameter than the drill head which forms an annular space between the hole being drilled and the OD of the drill tube or boring bar. This space is known as “oil room” and in conjunction with a coolant induction unit or a pressure head. In addition, it makes it possible to direct filtered high volume coolant to the drill head cutting edge.

Single-Tube Systems Features

This pressure head seals against the entry side of the part to be drilled. Also, this directs the coolant to the detachable drill head. The coolant provides lubrication for the drill head and assures that all of the chips produced by the drill head are directed through the detachable cutting head are flushed internally through the ID of a cylindrical hollow drill tube or boring bar. This is better known as an external coolant supply / internal (ID) chip exhaust method of drilling.

The STS / BTA system supports tools ranging from 11.10 mm – 762 mm (.437″- 30.000″) diameter. These tools and this system allow depth to diameter ratios in excess of 100x’s dia. In most cases, the STS / BTA drilling system is set up on dedicated deep hole drilling machines. This system is the best choice for extremely deep bores. And, for materials with poor chip forming properties such as stainless steel, Titanium, and low carbon steel.

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