deep hole drilling machine

Form Cutting Tool

Aside from the majority of components that require straight through bores, there are many components that require blind hole bores. These bores usually require some sort of form at the bottom of the bore. Sunnen offers its engineering expertise to design and then manufacture form boring tools that are specifically designed for such components.

The basic principle of the form boring tool is to follow an initial roughing tool operation. In addition, this is used to rough out the near-shape of the blind bore configuration. This step is to remove as much material that is practical to facilitate the subsequent form boring operation. Regardless of the hole configuration, be it flat bottomed with a corner radius, full ball radius, stepped or bores that require a long taper, Sunnen offers form tools with several variations of form cutters. These form cutter variations are either brazed-in-place, replaceable-resharpenable form cutters or special indexable form cutting inserts that suit the form being required.

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