deep hole drilling machine

Gun Drilling

Gun drilling is the oldest and most widely used method of deep hole drilling employed by industry today. The drill or “gun drill” is generally a one-piece assembly consisting of a hollow cylindrical drill driver. Also, it is brazed to a V-shaped crimped tube and finally assembled to a brazed-on solid carbide drill head. Both the crimped drill shank and the brazed-on carbide drill head from a kidney-shaped cross-section. Whereby the open V-shaped section acts as a chip flute.

Gun Drilling Systems Features

In all cases, gun drills require filtered, the high-pressure coolant that is introduced through the center of the crimped gun drill shank. Then the drill is directed to a coolant orifice in the carbide drill head. The high-pressure coolant provides lubrication for the drill head. Also, this assures that all of the chips produced by the drill head are exhausted through the V-shaped chip flute of the gun drill shank. Gun drilling is better known as an internal coolant supply / external chip exhaust method of drilling.

Gun drills are generally used on single purpose gun drilling machines as well as on a variety of machining. They have turning centers that are equipped with sufficient high-pressure coolant and filtrations systems. With this system of drilling, one can expect to drill to depths in excess of 100 x dia.

Sunnen offers gun drilling systems ranging from 1.40 mm to 50.80 mm (0.055″ to 2.000”) diameter with several different carbide grades, coatings and cutting edge geometry options.

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