Vertical Hone


Designed to solve the challenge of honing large heavy cast iron hydraulic valve blocks and bolted valve assemblies weighing over 450 lbs (200-300 kg), common to heavy duty machinery used in the mining, off-road, and construction industries. The SV-2010AXYS vertical honing machine automatically finds the centerline of each bore and hones all bores in sequence.

This machine consists of a SV-2010 honing column integrated with an i5 CNC controlled X‐Y servo table coupled with a high-resolution camera to precisely move into position and hone large heavy parts such as cast iron and bolted hydraulic valve bodies. These parts have been historically difficult to fixture and hone, the Sunnen SV-2010AXYS sets a new industry standard for these difficult applications. The operator loads the part, starts the machine, and the machine automatically hones each bore. The operator is free to complete other tasks while the machine completes the part, exponentially increasing operator efficiency and productivity.

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