Sunnen SHDD Series Deep Hole Drilling System


Sunnen Deep Hole Drilling: A Cost-Effective Solution from a Company You Can Trust

Sunnen has long been the global leader in bore sizing and finishing technology. Now, the company you’ve come to trust offers a cost-effective deep hole drilling system, the SHDD Series.

Sunnen SHDD Series Deep Hole Drilling System from Sunnen Products Company on Vimeo.

When You Need a Specialized Drilling Technique, Choose a Specialized Machine

Deep hole drilling is the machining of holes with a relatively large diameter to depth ratio. While the basic principles of drilling still apply, deep hole drilling can employ various machine set-ups. Whichever method an industry employs, the correct choice of cutting speeds and feeds remain crucial. Satisfactory chip breaking (control) and the removal of the chips from the cutting edges without damaging tool or workpiece is essential.

Sunnen’s SHDD Series Systems Give You Control and Efficiency

SHDD Series systems can achieve tight diameter control, straightness, and superior surface finish in a variety of workpieces and materials from aluminum to super-alloys.

The heavy-duty SHDD series includes:

  • The latest system controls that will allow users to achieve their manufacturing tolerances and production requirements reliably, accurately, and efficiently.
  • Minimized workpiece change-over and run times to ensure profitability.
  • A 3-year warranty backed by Sunnen’s extensive global service and support network.

Every feature has been scrutinized to improve the productivity and reliability of the machine. This design and testing effort coupled with the use of heavy-duty name brand components ensures years of trouble free operation.