• Tool Series: K Series
  • Product Type: Mandrel
  • Sub-Family: K3
  • Min Diameter (in): 0.108
  • Max Diameter (in): 0.11
  • Shank Length (in): 0.875
  • Abr Length (in): 0.563
  • Reach Length (in): 1.438
  • Min Diameter (mm): 2.7432
  • Shoe Type: BRONZE
  • Max Diameter (mm): 2.794
  • Stone Size: K3
  • Shank Length (mm): 22.225
  • Abr Length (mm): 14.3002
  • Reach Length (mm): 36.5252
This Honing Unit (Mandrel) works with Sunnen Pedestal machines in the following families: SH, ML, EC, MBB, and LBB
  • K3 Mandrel Options
  • Recommended Stones
  • Selection Guide

K3 Mandrel Replacement Parts

  • K3-W Wedge*
  • LN-3025C Stone Retainer
  • LN-3211A Wedge Guide*

*Note Wedge and wedge guide wear: Once a wedge or wedge guide begins to show wear, it no longer can keep the stone flat. This leads to taper in the bore. Replace the wedge or wedge guide as soon as wear begins.

Diamond Plated Super Mandrels+

Designed to provide a long-wearing guide shoe to increase mandrel life in some honing applications. Another advantage of Super Mandrels is faster stock removal in difficult materials (chrome, carbide). Plated with 220 grit diamond. Select appropriate soft steel mandrel and add-D.+ Example: K3-100CS-D+.

Extended Shank Mandrels+

Available for honing parts that are too long to be honed with a standard mandrel.

Tandem "In-Line" Mandrels+

Sunnen Honing Units can be used to size two or more "in-line" or tandem bores in perfect alignment. Special tandem mandrels can generally, be supplied for those applications which have too long a tandem distance for honing with standard or altered mandrels.

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