PHT and DB Brushes 

PHT and DB Brushes
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  • For use with Portable Hones
    • Diameter Range: 38,1 – 42,9 mm (1.50 – 1.69 in) to 126,5 – 245,9 mm (4.98 – 9.68 in)
  • For Use with CV/CK Hone Heads
    • Diameter Range: 50,8 – 60,9 mm (2.00 – 2.40 in) to 25,145 – 152,4 mm (.990 – 6.00 in)
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Even a new operator can turn out plateau finishes with minimal training
  • PHT Plateau Honing Abrasives cover the complete line of Sunnen CV/CK/SV and portable honing tools
  • Removes both the peaks and the torn and folded metal that the roughing operation creates
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    Don't be fooled by fixed diameter brushes that claim the ability to produce a proper plateau finish. The only way to obtain a true plateau is to apply even pressure while honing.

    Typical honing leaves a series of microscopic "peaks" and "valleys" in a cylinder. The valleys created during honing act as oil reservoirs to provide lubrication when the engine is running. The "peaks," on the other hand, are worn off by the piston rings as the engine is broken in -- thus leaving a "plateaued" surface above the valleys. Sunnen's PHT Plateau Honing Tools plateau hone from the start and leave the worn off peaks of metal in the honing machine, instead of in the motor oil of the engine.

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