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VSS® Series 2 Single Stroke® Honing SystemVSS® Series 2 Single Stroke® Honing System
The VSS-2 is a value-priced single-pass honing machine that delivers precise bore size, geometry and surface finish. It is very easy to set up and operate and is the most productive machine in its class.

An advanced spindle design and multiple spindle configurations (up to six) make the VSS-2 a versatile solution for just about any production environment. And the system’s PLC control with Sunnen software makes operation easier and provides more feed, speed and special cycle options to satisfy a wider range of applications.

The system is the perfect solution for mid- to high-production applications that are suited to single-pass bore sizing.

Bore Diameter Range (I.D.):
4 mm – 65 mm
(.156 inch to 2.56 inch)*

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SV-2000 Vertical Honing SystemSV-2000 Vertical Honing System
Sunnen's SV-2000 Series vertical honing system features an integrated air gaging system and can be matched with Sunnen's diamond-plated CGT Krossgrinding® tools or MMT multi-stone mandrel. The air-gage-equipped machine can automatically control hole size to accuracies of 0.25µm (0.00001") without operator intervention, working in a size range of 3 65 mm (0.120-2.56") diameter. The machine provides closed-loop control of tool size, along with downloadable SPC data, making it ideal for automated, high-Cpk production of small engines, hydraulic valves/bodies, fuel injectors, gears, compressor parts, turbocharger housings and gun barrels, in medium and high volumes.

The SV-2000 matches an ultra-precise tool feed system with CNC control to allow any CNC-experienced machinist to master honing quickly. Setup is simple with a 3-axis hand wheel for fine tuning the tool feed and the servo-controlled stroke system and rotary-table. The control includes several features that put honing expertise at the fingertips of novices, such as a switchable autocorrect feature for bore shape. Using measurements from the air-gage system, it allows the operator to select from a library of "problem" bore images (taper, barrel, etc.) to match to the part on the machine. The servo-controlled stroke system ensures a consistent crosshatch pattern and can dwell in any part of the bore, end-to-end, selectively removing stock for ultra-precise straightness and roundness.

The vertical design of the SV-2000 conserves shop floor space, requiring just 2400 x 2300 x 2700 mm WxDxH (95 x 91 x 107 in.). A cast polymer base and cast-iron column provide enhance vibration damping for precision honing, while removable stainless steel side doors facilitate integration with automatic part loading systems. The high-torque, belt-driven spindle is rated at 7.5 kW (10 hp) to cover a wide range of sizing and finishing work using Sunnen's MMT multi-stone mandrels, TC precision mandrels, or CGT Krossgrinding tools. This flexible system supports both single-pass and conventional reciprocating honing.

Bore Diameter Range (I.D.):
3 mm – 65 mm
(.120 inch to 2.560 inch)*

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Sunnen SV-2400 Series Vertical Honing MachineSV-2400 Series Vertical Honing Machine
This versatile system combines power, precision, durability, and technology to make vertical honing more economical and productive than ever before.

The SV-2400 incorporates a patent-pending stroking system that produces a true vertical stroke and can dwell in any part of the hole, end-to-end, producing the straightest, roundest bore possible with a consistent crosshatch pattern throughout its entire length.

And for ease of setup, the SV-2400 features a three-axis hand wheel for fine-tuning the vertical stroke, honing tool position, and column position. Multiple positions can be programmed for in-line bore honing. And, because it’s built on a proven, modular platform, this system can be automated or otherwise customized to meet your exact requirements. 

Bore Diameter Ranges (I.D.):
19 mm – 200 mm
(.75 inch – 8 inch)*

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SH Series
  • SH SeriesHandles hard materials efficiently.
  • Power stroking assures constant stroke length and stroke rates.
  • Better control of bore size and finish with automatic size control and patented dual feed pressure system
  • No need for preliminary reaming, boring or grinding on many jobs ... rough and finish in one operation.
  • Lifetime application service with every machine purchase.

Diameter Range (I.D.)

  • Manual Stroking: 1,5 – 165,1 mm (.060 – 6.500 in)
  • Power Stroking: 2.5 – 101,6 mm (.060 – 4.000 in)
  • Automatic Sizing: 3,2 – 51,0 mm (1.25 – 2.000 in)
  • Stroke Length: 6.0 -170 mm (.236 -6.700 in)
  • Spindle Motor: 4,1 kW (5.5 Hp)

Bore Diameter Range (I.D.):
3 mm – 65 mm
(.120 inch to 2.560 inch)*

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Custom, High-Production Vertical Honing SystemsCustom, High-Production Honing Systems
Since 1924, Sunnen has defined the state of the art in the industry, and our current generation of high precision honing systems represents the very finest solutions available anywhere in the world. Sunnen systems are reliable, durable, and flexible and are designed to deliver the precision our customers have grown to expect.

From design to delivery, you have the Sunnen commitment to service and quality. Our technical experts will work with you to create a complete solution to fit your exact requirements, including the machine model, number of spindles, style of tooling, fixture design, abrasives selection, automation and gaging packages, and any other platform customization you may require.

After your system is built, we’ll set up a live runoff demonstration at our facility. Once it meets all specifications, we’ll commission your system and train your staff.
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* Other sizes available upon review.

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