AG-300 and AG-400 

AG300/AG400  Precision Gage
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  • AG-300 Range: 9,5 mm – 85, 7 mm (.375 – 3.375 in)
  • AG- 400 Range:
    • 18 mm – 68 mm (,720 – 2.687 in)
    • Fingers are .600 in longer than AG-300 for use with larger diameter pistons with shorter wrist pins
  • Checks rod journal bore for distortion
  • Assures correct size within .0001 in
  • Anyone can use it. No "feel" required
  • Measures size instantly
  • Wear-compensated gage points assure permanent accuracy.
  • Assures exact fits required by high tech engines
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    No rod should be reconditioned or pins fit without precise gaging. The only way to know the size is to measure the hole. Sunnen's AG-300 and AG-400 Precision Gages are designed for pin fitting and rod reconditioning. The AG-300 and AG-400 are the only gages specifically designed for both clearance and press type pin fits and the journal end of connecting rods.

    Both gages come complete with setting fixture, calibrator rings, medium and large extension point sets, accessory case, mounting bracket and instructions.

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