Classic (A Tool, LH9X, JY7X) Tools

Classic (A Tool, LH9X, JY7X) Tools
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  • Standard: 5,92mm - 12,47mm (.233" - .491")
    12,47mm - 26,39mm (.491" - 1.039"
  • Custom: 3,78mm - 5,84 mm and 26,39mm -37,64mm (.149" - .233" and 1.039" - 1.482")
    37,62mm - 51,82 mm (1.481" - 2.040")

    Note: For bore diameter sizes below 5,92mm (.233) and above 52,20mm (2.055"), or for special designed high production tools, consult your Sunnen Field Engineer.
  • For most Single Stroke Honing® applications, D5-220 grit diamond roughing sleeves, and D8-400 grit diamond finishing sleeves, are all that is required
  • Most sleeves are shipped from stock
  • Other grits are available for applications where stock removal and/or surface finish requirements indicate their need
  • Sunnen Single Stroke Honing® Tools are recommended for use in selected materials, where speed and accuracy are important
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