CH-100 Line Hone

CH-100 Line Hone
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  • Main Bearing Bore Diameter Range: 46 – 178 mm (1.800 – 7.000 in) Special tooling required for 127 – 178 mm (5.000 to 7.000 in)
  • Capacity: V blocks, both 90 and 60; overhead and L-head in-line blocks; up to 1140 mm (45 in) long, 710 mm (28 in) from head deck to main bearing centerline.
  • Minimum stock removal, usually less than .003" (.076 mm) off the caps compared to as much as .010" (.254 mm) with boring
  • Maximum precision, corrects distortion caused by warpage and cap stretch
  • Meets or exceeds original factory accuracy for alignment, roundness and size
  • Fast, easy setup
  • Ease of operation, no special training required
  • Profitable: Make $90-$120 in 30 minutes on a typical V-8 block
  • Lifetime application service with every machine purchase
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This is the best method for fast precision alignment of main bearing bores. It does the complete job of alignment and sizing main bearing bores in about 30 minutes, floor-to-floor time for an average passenger car block. Just add a few minutes more for truck blocks.

Shops all over the country enjoy all the advantages of the CH-100, but the best, most practical reasons are speed and ease of use. Add quality work, and that about sums it up.

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