Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Sunnen's complete line of connecting rod reconditioning equipment makes the process faster and more accurate than ever. Sunnen offers everything from a basic honing machine to the power-stroked SH-4000. Sunnen systems are easy to run and operate. Sunnen's line of honing machines for rod reconditioning set the standard in the engine building industry.

The Sunnen method is known for precision. You will turn out rods that fit perfectly and run like new. As with all Sunnen equipment, the best customer and technical support come standard with every purchase.

What is Connecting Rod Reconditioning?

In engine rebuilding, there may be situations where returning existing connecting rods to service is a viable solution. Connecting rod reconditioning is the process of re-using previously built connecting rods rather than replacing them entirely in an engine building project. The rods themselves can often be quite expensive, and it isn't always necessary to recreate them when existing ones can be tuned to work. Reconditioning modifies existing rods to make sure they are straight and of the correct length.

The process involves thoroughly cleaning the rods and inspecting for damage. This determines if the rod is re-usable, as knicks or discoloration may be a future sign that the rod is more likely to fail. Next, a magnetic particle inspection is done to reveal any hidden damage and ensure that the rod is in good shape to be re-used. The rods are then checked for bending and twisting, as too much of either can signal the rods were over-revved in the engine. Once cleaning and inspection is finished, the rod is straightened, bored and honed.

LBB-1660 Manual Hone
Manual Hone
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SH-2000 Power Stroked Honing Machine
Power Stroked Honing Machine
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ML-4000 Power Stroked Honing Machine
Power Stroked Honing Machine
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