Sunnen Portable Hones

Sunnen Portable Hones
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  • Range: 44 – 381 mm (1.75 – 15 in)
  • Drive Shank: 50, 8 mm (2 in)
  • Drive Shank Extension: 304,8 mm (12 in)
  • Repairs production equipment on the spot with minimum delay
  • Repairs worn or scuffed air and hydraulic cylinders
  • Resizes bearings
  • Reconditions compressors, engines, pumps
  • Pulls tandem holes into line
  • Repairs hydraulic valves
  • Removes tool marks from cylinders
  • Hones I.D.'s for fit during machine assembly
  • Cleans up assembly or heat-treat distortion
  • Corrects I.D. errors in reject parts
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Sunnen Portable Hones are fast and efficient for all kinds of bore-sizing work. They can be run in an electric drill, air drill, drill press, or honing rig and are capable of honing open, shouldered, blind, keyway, splined, tandem, or rifled bores to a uniform surface finish of .08-1.5 micrometer Ra (3-60 micro inches Ra) in aluminum, welded, drawn or hardened steel, brass, ceramic, carbide, etc.

Sunnen Portable hones can correct undersize, taper, out-of-round, barrel or bellmouth shape and misalignment to tolerances of ,013mm (.0005") in diameters from 31,8-914mm (1.250"-36"). Larger sizes up to 1524mm (60") are available on special order, ideal for honing parts too big or awkward to bring to a machine tool.

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