Bore Gages

*When it comes to precision honing bores, such as engine cylinders or gun barrels, each millimeter counts. Even one hundredth of a millimeter could cause product devastation, and in some cases, failure. Thus, it is important to have accurate bore gages available.

What Are Bore Gages And What Makes Sunnen's Gages Superior?

Bore gages are specialized tools used to measure the precise diameter of a machined hole, cylinder, or pipe. Sunnen Bore Gaging systems are rugged, reliable and accurate to the levels required in precision bore sizing. All Sunnen Dial Bore Gages read out 0,002 mm (.0001 inch) and feature all-carbide gaging points, wear-proof ball crank, and adjustable centralizers. They are designed to operate within specific size ranges to show the bore condition before and after honing. Sunnen bore gages are available in a wide variety of models and ranges for use with virtually all Sunnen or other honing machines.

Sunnen offers the unique and reliable PG Bore gaging system that is fully mechanical and features a two-minute setup—you simply dial the size! There are no rings or plug gages to buy or that can go bad.

The PG Bore Gages cover diameters from .090 in. to 2.900 in. (2,29 mm to 74,3 mm). Sunnen's PG bore gaging equipment can also be leased through KS&C Industries, LLP. For information about gage leasing, contact us or call 1-800 247-7098.

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