Gas Flow Meter Tubes Honing Machines

Sunnen Series THTA Series Tube Hone
Sunnen's HTA Series Horizontal Tube Hone is affordable and flexible yet has capabilities typically found in high-end systems such as a PLC-control with touch-screen interface for setting all machine parameters.

The HTA is the first all-electric tube hone engineered specifically for hydraulic service facilities doing resurfacing and repair of actuators for construction, mining, farming and forestry equipment. It is also ideal for applications such as flow tube/meter run cleanup, extruder tube repair and other low stock removal jobs.

The HTA Series is available in two models: the HTA-2000 (2-meter/6.56 ft. stroke) and the HTA-4000 (4 meter/13.12 ft. stroke).

Bore Diameter Range (I.D.):
64 mm - 533 mm
(2.5 in - 21 in.)

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