Industrial Honing Machines

Industrial Hone Machine SunnenFounded in 1924, St. Louis based Sunnen Products Company has long been the worldwide leader in industrial bore sizing and finishing systems. Today, Sunnen is the largest, fully integrated company in the field. Sunnen's honing systems range from basic manually-operated honing machines to fully automated systems that provide every necessary function for bore sizing from honing and gaging to part handling, and even post-honing operations such as deburring and bushing or pin-insertion. Sunnen also manufactures top selling heavy-duty tube hones as well as tube hones for light and medium applications. All Sunnen systems are fully supported by the experts in the St. Louis headquarters.

What are honing machines?

Honing machines are bore sizing and finishing systems capable of refining the geometric surface of a variety of metal products. Honing machines can be used in a wide range of applications, such as creating the cylinder finish in a new engine block, re-establishing the crosshatch in a rebuilt engine block or smoothing the inside of a gun barrel to ensure optimal product efficiency. When working on components that often require sub-micron tolerances, investing in a premium honing system capable of creating a precision bore is essential to success.

Sunnen's honing systems use a wide variety of honing tools and abrasives to size and finish bores of all sizes. The use of Sunnen industrial honing machines, tooling and abrasive products allows precise size, surface finish, roundness, straightness and consistent surface texture to be achieved quickly and economically in tool room/repair, mid-volume/job shop, and high-volume production applications. All Sunnen systems are fully supported by experts from around the world.

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